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DC Landscape & Construction offers commercial and residential fencing. Whether you need a brand new fence installed, replaced, removal only, or just a repair - there's nothing we can't do! Our technicians are always punctual and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service! We can also install walk gates or driveway gates. Choose from swinging, rolling, or double gates; manual or automatic with a gate opener (with sensors or remote controlled). Need to maneuver the fence around stone columns? No problem! Plus we offer masonry services, so we can build those columns for you too! Count on DC Landscape Construction for the best fence installation in Austin, TX.

Wood fencing has always been the most popular choice in fencing material mainly for it's environmentally friendly characteristics. You receive a great amount of privacy (or semi-privacy depending on the design) at a moderate cost. Choose from different species- Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Pressure Treated Pine. Wood fencing can be installed with wood posts or steel posts, however, we highly recommend the steel posts for longevity and durability.

• Cap and Trim: One of the most durable fence designs that looks clean and beautiful. The cap and trim prevent moisture from seeping into the top and bottom of the pickets which gives the fence a longer life.
• Board on Board: Allows very minimal space between the boards offering additional privacy.
• Horizontal: Modern styled fence. Choose a slatted design, spacing apart the boards, built-in shelving.
• Good Neighbor: Allows both neighbors to see some of the "good" side of the fence, making you both happy.
• Shadow Box: Stylish fence that provides privacy and allows air to still pass through. It is able to withstand high winds from the way it's built. Neighbors love it because it looks the same on both sides.
• Bull Panel: Wood and metal combined fence- framed galvanized squared panels inside a wooden frame. Primarily used for protecting livestock or gardens.
• Split Rail: One of the most cost effective fence styles. Commonly used on ranches for livestock, & to set property boundaries.

Chain link fencing provides a sturdy long lasting investment. There are a range of heights to choose from which make it suitable for a variety of applications. Usually, the shorter heights are used in residential areas, and the taller heights are used in commercial areas for increased security.

• Galvanized: The traditional silver-colored metal, or you can choose a powder or PVC coating. The coating comes in three standard colors that blend well with the environment- Black, green, and brown.
• Vinyl coated: Basically the same as galvanized. The only difference is there is a vinyl coating sealed around the metal. The coated material is better equipped to handle weathering because rust can begin to form over time on standard galvanized chain link. This would affect the overall cost to go up.

We offer a number of options to protect your property including barbed wire or adding fence slats which can provide about 75%-95% privacy. Slats can come in brown, beige, white, gray, redwood, or green.

Ornamental Iron fencing is typically more expensive, however, it is also considered the most aesthetically pleasing. There are a variety of color options to choose from whether you're trying to custom match an existing fence, or match the siding on your home. Pricing differentiates, but we can provide several colors- Black, brown, bronze, green, or white. We also install Iron railing & hand railing for a walkway, around a deck, etc.

• Flush top: A clean, simple design where the top rails are flush with the pickets.
• Picket top: Traditional look with standard square top pickets.
• Pressed spear: Elegant but durable design with pressed point pickets.
• Curved top: Ideally for keeping animals and people in or out of your yard, and limits their movement while providing high-security.
All of the above designs have the options for 2 rail, 3 rail, or 4 rail.

Customize your Iron fence even more by choosing from multiple accessories.

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